eTOTALplan is dedicated to helping businesses and organizations save time and money by managing hourly scheduling, attendance and forecasting at optimal efficiency. Through intuitive, predictive software, eTOTALplan's web-based software schedules and tracks time based on real-time data, including regulations, skill level and location, automating the workforce scheduling process.

Designed for organizations of any size, eTOTALplan’s innovative technology provides the ability to track mobile employees, allowing users to access the login screen anytime from anywhere, providing a real-time overview of labor and scheduling requirements. eTOTALplan is the only web-based platform offering of these services in a single, secure, easy-to-use suite, with customized training and world-class support available 24/7, 365.

The platform is competitively priced, requires no installation and integrates seamlessly with payroll systems. Designed as a total solution, eTOTALplan has everything you need, but is customizable based on your business needs.

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Why eTOTAL plan?

Web-based, real-time employee scheduling software enables management to save time and money by making informed scheduling decisions from anywhere at anytime.

Tracking Technology

This unique solution brings two of the latest technologies together - online employee scheduling and GPS Tracking.