How can I get started with eTOTALplan?

Please contact sales at [email protected] or 855.538.6825.

Who can use eTOTALplan?

eTOTALplan can be utilized by companies of any type and size (single or multiple locations) that schedule by shift. eTOTALplan is the perfect solution for any business owner who would like to dramatically reduce labor costs, save valuable time, and improve their work culture through enhanced communication.

Why select eTOTALplan over other online labor management solutions?

Experience. We pioneered the concept of web-based employee scheduling over 10 years ago. eTOTALplan was founded by restaurant owners.

Innovative technology. eTOTALplan continues to develop our employee scheduling solutions to meet the needs of over 10,000 users that rely on our technology every day. eTOTALplan provides automatic updates to ensure that all of our clients are familiar with our latest software updates and enhancements.

Client satisfaction. We go above and beyond to ensure that our clients are completely satisfied.We guarantee you will see the immediate benefits in time savings and money savings.

Will eTOTALplan work for me if I own or operate multiple locations?

Yes. multiple locations, departments or positions can be scheduled with eTOTALplan. If locations share employees (such as employees who work with two locations under the same company umbrella) you can set up one eTOTALplan company and location-specific positions.

Can eTOTALplan automatically send e-mail and text message notifications of new schedules to my employees?

Yes. eTOTALplan has an advanced notification system that allows each user to add their email and text message addresses to receive notification.

Once I post a schedule, can I easily make changes to it?

Yes. Changes to schedules are easy. Managers Simply click on any shift and change the start or end time, the hours worked, shift name or the assigned employee. If you make a change to an already published schedule, notifications will automatically be sent out to any affected employees (for example, if they will no longer be working that shift or if they have been assigned a new shift). Since eTOTALplan updates in real-time, shift schedules that employees view online are always 100% current and accurate.

Can a manager set permanent availabilities?

Yes. Managers have total control over permanent availabilities for employees. Employees can request time off, however managers are the only default users with the permission to change permanent availability.

Can employees trade and swap shifts with eTOTALplan?

Yes. eTOTALplan provides employees with the ability to open up, pick-up and change shifts with other employees of the same job description or qualification. Before a shift trade can be finalized a manager must approve the shift change. Employees will receive instant confirmation of approved changes online, by email or through SMS text messaging.

What about when employees call in sick - can eTOTALplan help me find a replacement?

Finding a replacement is easy. Simply click on the shift and you will see a list of available employees, sorted by who prefers to work at that time.

Can each employee designate when they prefer to work?

Yes. eTOTALplan gives your employees the ability to easily post their schedule preferences and time off. Managers still have complete control to approve or deny each request.

What about days off and vacations? Can employees request shifts off or just whole days?

Employees can sign-in and set times each day set to "dislike working" or request a day or series of days off. The manager can approve or decline the time off requests and notification is automatically sent out to the employee. Days off are then shown for each employee and any shift that overlaps the approved time off is automatically unassigned.

How long will it take me to enter the information I need to start scheduling?

When you begin your eTOTALplan subscription, you will be prompted for only the basic information necessary to get your company started scheduling immediately. This process usually takes between 15 - 30 minutes.

Can I be in control of the labor plans for scheduling?

Yes. eTOTALplan gives you the ability to create multiple schedule templates that your managers can select from and utilize based on projected hours and costs for each shift. This is the most effective way of scheduling your staff to receive the greatest labor efficiency.

Can I print schedules in a variety of formats (weekly, daily, etc.)?

Yes. Your schedules can be viewed and printed in many formats:

  • Weekly - as a calendar or a list
  • Daily - as a calendar or a list
  • Multiple Weeks
  • As a list - daily and weekly
  • By employee - alphabetically, showing hours worked for each shift and weekly totals. Schedules can be filtered to show all positions (departments or locations), or individual positions or groups.

Does eTOTALplan keep track of employee hours?

Yes. Statistics for each shift, employee, position, day and week are always available.

What is the difference between a software program and an "online" solution?

A software program requires an install, which takes up valuable hard drive space on your computer. Additionally, with a software program, you are subject to computer crashes that could destroy important data. Online programs like eTOTALplan allow you to access the program from any computer connected to the Internet, in addition to web-enabled smart phones - allowing you to view and create schedules from home or while traveling. With eTOTALplan, you do not have to worry about software installation or upgrading to new versions.

How can I pay for eTOTALplan management solution?

A valid credit card is required to begin using eTOTALplan services via the web. For a more complete list of payment options, please contact sales at [email protected] or 855.538.6825.

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