University of Miami                          

“We are very thrilled with the system, it has been working well. This is the first semester in a long time where we have reduced problems specifically related to our scheduling. The eTOTALplan platform is definitely a success.

We appreciate all of the hard work and excellent customer service that eTOTALplan has provided to our office and staff throughout our entire adoption process of the product.  You have truly been a pleasure to work with, and I look forward to continuing our excellent working relationship. Thanks again for your excellent support.”

Christopher M. Hartnett
Assistant Director
University of Miami
Department of Housing and Residential Life


Bone’s Restaurants

“In the spring of 2010, we adopted eTOTALplan as our new scheduling tool for our business. We also began to utilize the co-worker communication and time registering platform.

In collaboration with eTOTALplan, we have developed a system so that our 12 restaurant chefs and payroll department (who handles payroll for over 600 employees) now have a much lighter workday. eTOTALplan is an incredibly flexible system and very easy to customize.

eTOTALplan employs extremely competent programmers that quickly and effectively implement any possible modifications. Our employees now have a great on-line time-scheduling system where they can check their shifts, request time off and communicate with other co-workers. The communication platform enables them to keep up to date on what’s happening in their restaurants. Of course, an additional benefit for our managers is that they can keep an eye on the daily operations of the business.

We believe that together with eTotalplan, we have found the platform that is the best fit for our employees. We also want to give our managers and co-workers the best tools for success, and we believe that we have accomplished that with eTOTALplan.”

Bone's Restaurants


Danhostel – Herning

“We are incredibly pleased to have joined eTOTALplan. The countless hours of back and forth counting salary hours from handwritten sheets is gone. This system has freed up a lot of our administrative hours.

Our staff is extremely happy. Now they are able to keep up with everything, see how many hours they've worked and quickly get an overview of all available shifts.

Every aspect of the system is carefully planned to make life easier. Small things, like using the system to send SMS messages, are brilliant. It amazes me to this day that it does not cost more. This system is worth every penny. We have so much good to say about eTOTALplan and we would travel far and wide to tell anyone who wants to listen to us.”

Danhostel Herning


Surfers for Autism

"eTOTALplan came to our rescue for registrations for our surf events. They provide an amazing product and service. Because we had to take something that was not originally set up to do what we needed, they were patient and offered great suggestions to work through our needs.

They assisted us 100% through the process and helped with any challenges we faced. eTOTALplan is a great company. We would highly recommend them for any scheduling needs you may have. The people and service are above what anyone would expect for customer service - they offer MUCH more! We are very happy to be partnered with them."

Kim Ryan 
Surfers for Autism


Alpha Academic Services, Inc.

"The eTOTALplan software has dramatically improved our logistical efficiency. Parents, students, tutors and administrative staff members are now able to synchronize their schedules so that everyone is on the same page. We recently implemented the program with all stakeholders, and already we have realized the positive difference it makes in our day to day operation. Best of all, eTOTALplan is affordable, and the customer service is second to none!"

Meredith Brodie 
Vice President
Alpha Academic Services, Inc.

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Why eTOTAL plan?

Web-based, real-time employee scheduling software enables management to save time and money by making informed scheduling decisions from anywhere at anytime.

Tracking Technology

This unique solution brings two of the latest technologies together - online employee scheduling and GPS Tracking.