eTOTALplan's user-friendly, web-based, scheduling software seamlessly integrates with payroll systems, simplifying the payroll process for administrators.


  • The software compiles employee hours, including all overtime and holiday hours worked, and automatically generates relevant payroll information for managers.

  • Administrators can choose between the management authorization option to review the information before sending it to payroll or they can select automated approval.

  • The payroll administrator will receive an overview of the hours and can send a PDF-file to each employee showing their earnings.  

  • Click here to watch our video and learn more about how eTOTALplan can integrate with your current payroll system.


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Why eTOTAL plan?

Web-based, real-time employee scheduling software enables management to save time and money by making informed scheduling decisions from anywhere at anytime.

Tracking Technology

This unique solution brings two of the latest technologies together - online employee scheduling and GPS Tracking.