Time and Attendance

Manage and track employee time and attendance from anywhere at anytime – eTOTALplan’s leading technology makes it possible, from a single location to several or even hundreds of ever-changing, trackable mobile locations.

  • eTOTALplan's innovative technology provides the ability to track mobile users, giving anyone, anywhere the ability to clock in and out of their shifts.
  • Use historical and real-time data to track employee time and attendance.

  • eTOTALplan is the only web-based platform that utilizes a single, easy-to-use suite, with customized training and world-class support.

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Why eTOTAL plan?

Web-based, real-time employee scheduling software enables management to save time and money by making informed scheduling decisions from anywhere at anytime.

Tracking Technology

This unique solution brings two of the latest technologies together - online employee scheduling and GPS Tracking.